Saturday, April 18, 2009

feel frEE to H.a.T.E

hari nih mmg tade mood at all...nape?lots of reasons yg me myself pown living my life bad now!damn i hate the moody me~i feel like a LOOSER!god,i hate this feeling!stop it.stop it.stop it!!!sumer nihh sbb the lost memories yg berulang without a reason.again.i am to be blamed.*sigh*i just wanted to get out of here!!!the pain had long gone,bt the scar remains!leave me alone!arrgghh.cant find my way through.sampai kapan all the pains will ever go awayyy...i deserve to be hapyyy!sick of pretending!shud i end it all here?suicide,maybe?haha.bodoh kn.i know.dont worry,in days i'll be fine.but then,i'll come out with a post like this.AGAIN.&& yet,i'll be here.faking a smile.hoping for something better.but,,,that will never shows.stop telling me to be strong,cus i doubt it,i couldn't.i WON',i wonder what the was im thinking everytimes i gave people advice && false hopes.maybe i should stop.apparently,i can't handle it myself.i am so emo.i am so punk.i am so loser.i am so confuse.i wanna go somewhere i belong.where there's always rainbows && butterflies.&& i can stop hating myself.stop blaming myself.stop judging myself.stop BEING myself.
i hate myself . you too can hate me


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