Friday, May 22, 2009

just 4 u.....mish u...

you are now far from me. far far away...
i know u love me.
i know u gonna miss me too.
just as much as im gonna miss u.
you are there 4 a better future.
i'll always pray for you my dear.
&& i will be waiting rite here till u come home.
please bring my heart along
& always remember our memories together.
it will make u stand stronger just like i do.
all because the love that we built n remain.

im crying rite now
to accept the fact that i cudn't be in ur arms like i used to.
but i'll keep in my heart that how far we're apart.
our love will make us ONE!
i hope that ur doing fine there
& u will always keep in touch with me.

later,once u come home.
i'll never let u go again! NO!
i'll make u stand beside me. forever.
please come home love. please.
i really miss you.


deqna =D said...

jgn sedey2 ea,,
b strOng~~!
mesty die rindu awk gak~~

btw,i follow ur bloggie ni okay~!!


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